Rainbow Fruit Cups

July 14, 2019

Rainbow Fruit Cups

These rainbow fruit cups are fully beautiful and certain to steal the show! The correct recipe so as to feature beauty on your subsequent occasion.
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I must be honest, I saved going again and forth about if I must submit this recipe or not.  Because it doesn’t fairly fit the simple, quick, unfussy kind of my recipes.  You’ve maybe stuck on via now to the truth that I like fast and simple recipes which are guaranteed crowd-pleasers. 

I make no-bake nutella cheesecake rather of actual cheesecake, unstuffed cabbage rather of crammed cabbage rolls, and one pan food like onion roasted hen and paprika hen and rice.  I’m all about quick.  And permit me inform you, those rainbow fruit cups usually aren't quick.  Not via any stretch of the imagination.

I made some lovable little fruit cups for my daughter’s preschool category get together at this time and wished to move alongside this idea.  I love those fruit cups simply due to the very fact they're so pretty in person- my little ladies have been THRILLED to see those pop out of the fridge.

It is so fast and so simple and this could be a huge choice for birthday events or category events as an choice to sweets.

I have NULL methods to serve the fruit cups and I can inform you first hand I ate NULL of those at this time so they're delicious.

But commonly you’re in search of anything with that wow-factor.  And those have a HUGE wow-factor!  Trust  me.  I made them this previous weekend for a friend’s bridal shower, and I can’t even depend what number of compliments I got. You’ll be getting compliments all night.  They will steal the show!   Line all of them up on a tiered stand, and boy are they STUNNING. Like jaw-droppingly beautiful (clearly so beautiful that I had to make up the phrase “jaw-droppingly”).

And whereas they’re now not quick, they're simple inside the sense that there aren’t any complex steps, lengthy classes to follow, and danger of messing anything up.  Chopping fruit is easy…but you’ll be spending much of time doing it.  So be ready with a sensible tv show, podcast, radio station, or respectable chum on the phone. 

Thank goodness my mother helped me make 48 of those on Sunday.  I’m telling you, they take time.  But it was all 100 percent value it for the beauty they further to the bathe (and all of the compliments didn’t really sense so bad either) make recipe for rainbow fruit salad cups,
how to make rainbow fruit cups,
rainbow fruit cups recipe
it's really fun.

The first choice is simply to layer a number of children of fruit into little clean plastic cups.  I discovered that 3 colours or extra is greatest and you'll be able to use any fruit it's in season.  I ran low on fruit and had a couple of cups that have been simply raspberries, pineapple and grapes they usually nonetheless appeared great.

A few different suggestions:

I used Kiwi to create my inexperienced layer and discovered it didn’t grasp up virtually as nicely simply due to the very fact the inexperienced grapes (sliced in half).  You may also attempt Honeydew.
Purple grapes could be a huge addition ought to you use honeydew or kiwi for the inexperienced layer.
I would shop away from apples and bananas for the yucky browning factor.
I used tangerines for the orange layer but mango could be incredible as nicely or cantaloupe.
Layer all of it on the final minute to maintain the colours sensible and bright.
I simply split all of the fruit the evening time before- and for babies I diced the fruit for small chew dimension pieces.

So subsequent time you desire a lovely dish to out of the blue upload beauty on your occasion, those rainbow fruit cups are precisely what the physician ordered.  Enjoy!
#drinkandfood.org #rainbow fruit cups #rainbow fruit salad cups #how to make rainbow fruit cups #rainbow fruit cups recipe

Rainbow Fruit Cups

Recipe type: Parve
Serves: 20


  • 20 2-ounce plastic shot glasses
  • 1½ kilos strawberries
  • 3 mangoes, peeled
  • 5 kiwis, peeled
  • 1 pound blueberries


Chop washed strawberries, mangoes, and kiwis into tiny items (as pictured).
Add strawberries to the backside of every shot glass, adopted via mangoes, kiwis, and blueberries.
Store inside the fridge and serve inside a couple of hours. Enjoy!

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